MommaMalia Blog: Tales of The Feeding Tube

May Update

Posted on: May 6, 2011

I haven’t blogged in a long time. I need to update how Malia is doing! There is a lot happening at our house. Malia is still small in weight. She is slightly under the 10th percentile. But I am not letting that stress me out any more. The older she gets…the less I worry. She will be 4 1/2 in June and is developmentally right on point. She is high energy and acts like a normal 4 year old is supposed to act. She did finally creep up into the 29 lb range!  Big accomplishment. We are going up…not down…that is always a plus. I have to check her and see if she hit 30 lbs. She weighed herself yesterday with clothes on and she was 31 lbs…but that was with clothes so I think she is still in the 29 lb range. I will weigh her later today.

We have been relaxed, to say the least, with her therapy. I have been relying more on Benecalorie to help us during the day. I find it harder to give therapy bites on a consistent basis with an active on-the-go lifestyle. It was much easier to accomplish multiple bite sessions as a homemaker who stayed home all day and who’s main job was to feed my child. Now that I am out of the house working…and she is at work with me…giving bites outside of the home…doesn’t work well. Packed lunches is much better. So, BeneCalorie has become my best friend.

Another thing we have been dealing with is the aftermath of having a child who pocketed her food most of her life. Her teeth are now suffering big time. We have had 5 fillings and a mini-root canal where she was put to sleep for oral surgery. She has a new “grill” in the front of her mouth, as I like to say. LOL! Poor kid can’t get away from hospitals. For the record….we do brush her teeth but the dentist said that “Pocketing” is really bad for the mouth. A kid who pockets needs to have extra brushings and constantly be rising their mouth out with water after every meal. We didn’t do that. *Note to other mother’s with kids who pocket….don’t forget to brush their teeth after every meal and rinse the mouth out with water if they eat something and you can’t brush their teeth. Oral care is sooooooooo important!!! Nobody told me that…so I brushed her teeth at night and sometimes in the morning but I didn’t obsessively brush her teeth, like I should have.

On the bright side: Malia is eating more and more every day. She rarely pockets anymore and when she does….she is old enough now to recognize what she is doing…and she stops right away. At Easter dinner this year she sat down and ate two very large raviolis all by herself with no help. That was a mile stone b/c usually she is too distracted by everything going on that she refuses to eat. But this year…she cleared her plate….on her own free will and “Want”! Even though the food level was small…the action…was a huge accomplishment. Her “want” to feed herself on her own with no help, doesn’t always happen like it did on Easter, but she is SLOWLY correcting that behavior. But the main thing is that she IS getting better and I think that this is happening largely due to the fact that she is getting older and smarter every day. Now she is recognizing that she has a problem and she trying to correct herself.

Maila’s feeding is a work in progress. But aren’t we all works in progress? We take one day at a time. One accomplishment at a time. Clearly she is much better now then when I first started blogging. We still have a long way to go. Accomplishing the will to “want” to eat is our biggest hurdle yet. However, Easter dinner proved she has it in her and I think…we are well on our way to crossing that bridge very soon.


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