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Today is a short Blog. I know your super excited. LOL I tend to be long winded sometimes and I know my blogs go on and on. I’m sure most of you just skim through them. j/k I don’t blame you. I would too. HAHA! Today, I promise, to be brief and get to the point.


We had our weight check yesterday. Malia’s nutritionist from CHOP just called. Malia stayed the same weight as the week before so he said that was good. However, he does not want to pull her off the tube feeds just yet. He is worried she is going to regress and lose weight again. SUCKS!!! I really hate this. Tonight Malia will get a new feeding tube. Poor thing. The insertion is the worst part of the whole process. Maybe I will buy her some ice cream to make up for all of this torture.

Here are her stats (7/28/2010):

Weight (KG): 12.4 kg

Weight (LBS) : 27 lbs 5.39 oz

Height (CM): 92.2 cm

Height (IN): 36.3 in

Told you it was going to be short!





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